deBanked CONNECT Post Event Survey
Question 1 out of 10
Overall, how would you rate the event?
Question 2 out of 10
The content presented at deBanked CONNECT San Diego was relevant
Question 3 out of 10
I will stay in touch with attendee and vendors I met during deBanked CONNECT San Diego event
Question 4 out of 10
How likely is it that you would recommend deBanked CONNECT to a friend or colleague?
Question 5 out of 10
How many years do you have in the industry?
Question 6 out of 10
Do you attend other industry events outside of Broker Fair and deBanked CONNECT?
Question 7 out of 10
If so, please tell us which ones
Question 8 out of 10
What topics would you most like to learn about or discuss at the next event?
Question 9 out of 10
What did you like about deBanked CONNECT?
Question 10 out of 10
What would you like to see at the next deBanked CONNECT event?